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Humans have enjoyed brainteasers and puzzles for as long as they've lived. We've created a few brainteasers for you, so try challenging yourself by solving these puzzles as quickly as possible. Don't forget to challenge your friends, too! Head on to our infographics page page for more fun and educational content.

Halloween film brainteaser Halloween film brainteaser


At Halloween, we all love a good scare. Can you work out the classic horror films behind these 16 pictures? Why not share with your friends or challenge them as part of a Halloween-themed quiz? We dare you to get all 16 in under five minutes.

Halloween films
park brainteaser park brainteaser


A day out in the park during the warm & sunny season is a favourite pastime of many. We've created a fun brainteaser for you to spend some time relaxing with. As a challenge, try to find the 10 differences in under a minute! Good luck!

Park brainteaser
Valentines's day brainteaser Valentines's day brainteaser


Our Valentine's Day brainteaser commemorates the best films with and about love ever released. Challenge yourself and your loved ones to find all 21 films in under 5 minutes to see who loves love more. Good luck!

Valentine's Day Films

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