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Top 5 Gift Sets for Ladies
Top 5 Gift Sets for Ladies

Gift sets are a great way to indulge that special lady in your life, or treat yourself to a well deserved "just because" purchase.

爱游戏电子|爱游戏注册|爱游戏棋牌2U has a wide range of gift sets from matching his & her watches to watch and jewellery sets.

We've rounded up the best gift sets for her below to help you on your gift hunt.


If you love colour, you'll love this Fossil Curator watch and straps gift set LE1112. Swap out your look whenever you want for any of five rainbow watch straps in hard-wearing stitched nylon. Bright, stylish and practical, this quality Fossil ladies' 34mm watch case comes with 50m water resistance, so it will last you through years of sports, holidays and everyday wear, making it amazing value for money.

Fossil Ladies Curator Watch and Straps Gift Set LE1112


We love the variety in this Michael Kors MK2775 Ladies' Pyper watch gift set. Whether you're in the mood for a bold bright pink, super pretty and subtle rose gold or business-like black, this great value gift set has all the leather straps you could want, and they're easy enough to switch up for day or night. Three classic Michael Kors looks for the price of one!

Michael Kors MK2775 watch and strap gift set


This fabulous Fossil ladies' Carlie watch and bracelet gift set ES4685SET includes two dainty pieces in rose gold stainless steel that are perfect for creating that signature stack. The slim watch with minimalist rose gold face and single twinkling crystal comes with a subtly matching bracelet, bringing a flash of elegance to any wrist.

Fossil Ladies Carlie Watch and Bracelet Gift Set ES4685SET


The Skagen SKW1100 Watch and Necklace Gift Set is a wonderful display of classic elegance. The alluring gift set is a stunning combination to complete any outfit. The analogue ladies' watch is a simplistic beige leather so it is easy to pair with anything. The minimalistic silver necklace is the ideal companion to add some sparkle to your day with a single crystal stone being the focal point. This charming gift set is a wonderful treat for yourself or as a special present for any fashionable lady.

Skagen SKW1100 watch and necklace gift set


Once again, Michael Kors shows that it’s top of the ranks of covetable designers for a reason, with this ultra-glamorous Michael Kors ladies’ Lauryn watch and bracelet gift set MK4490. Created for jet set luxury, the set includes not only a stunning gold stainless steel watch with a crystal bezel and chic gold mother-of-pearl effect dial, but a dainty matching bracelet for something truly special. This is a pair that will wow on any occasion.

Michael Kors Ladies Lauryn Watch and Bracelet Gift Set MK4490

For even more styles, browse all our ladies' watch gift sets here.

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Sarah Lincoln
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Chloe Green
Copywriter and journalist with nine years under her belt writing about tech, AI and gadgets. When she's not nerding out over sci-fi books and robots taking over the world, she can be found obsessing over the latest well-crafted timepieces and smartwatches that are a pleasure to wear and own.

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